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The Pup'prentice Project Mission
To have fun!
To have this be a learning experience for you and your puppy/dog.
To create a great opportunity to meet up with other Pup'prentice Project members and have appropriate interactions.
To help your puppy/dog go up stairs, go up and down elevators, walk across underground parking garages; to do all the things that make for a more socialized dog and prepare them for the many experiences they will have while on a pet therapy visit.
To help your puppy/dog overcome any fears he may have of objects or situations or tall people with hats; many of these things we will indentify and work on.
To provide you with a list of stores that are dog friendly that you may visit with your dog.
To prepare you for some of the store clerks who will want to stuff your puppy/dog with cookies for just being adorable and give you ways to graciously turn down those excessive treats.
To give you ways to tell people that your puppy/dog MUST sit while you say politely, "He's on a special diet. I'm sorry. He can't have a treat today but you can pet him!"
To practice puppy/dog obedience in a public places.
To socialize your puppy/dog with as many different people, sights and sounds as possible and to have it be a positive experience.
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